Beneath the Concrete

Video Excerpt (3 minutes and 39 seconds):

A visual theater piece exploring disaster and the media, this project was based on my experience living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia when the devastating earthquake hit in May 2006. It examined the juxtaposition of inside and outside views of disaster and relief, reflected through the perspectives of Sumarni, and old Indonesian woman, and a news reporter from the U.S. Elements incorporated included bouffon, puppetry, mask, physical theatre and stop motion animation.

Performed at Detroit Contemporary in December 2010.

Written & Directed by: Emilia White
Sound design: Alvin Hill
Lighting design: Joey Ostrander
Costume Design: Reed Esslinger
Stop motion animation: Emilia White
Prop design: Julie Klein & Emilia White
Performers: Emilia White, Patrick Elkins, Carisa Bledsoe, Kelsey Lappa and Brian Rosenthal