Jatiwangi Art Factory

The Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF) is an arts foundation and traditional roof tile factory. Jatisura is located on the cusp of Northwest and Central Java, and the area is known for its roof tile factories. During my first residency at the Jatiwangi Arts Festival in 2006, I worked full-day shifts at a traditional and modern roof tile factory. The work in the traditional factory was physically strenuous, but the energy of the workers and excitement of having a “foreigner” work alongside them was exhilarating. In the modern roof tile factory, the sounds were loud and the machines never stopped, forcing workers to take turns for a quick lunch rather than break together.

Inspired by the hard work of people in the community, my second project at JAF a year later narrowed in on the hands of people in the area. Over the course of one week, I created a short video documentary that showed various Jatisura residents working with their hands. On the final night of my residency, the screening was projected on the inside wall of the JAF roof tile factory. Musicians from the JAF community played instruments made from roof tile clay, and at the end of the screening the audience was invited to dip their hands in wet clay, and leave their mark on the wall of the video screen.

For more information about the Jatiwangi Art Factory, visit https://jatiwangiartfactory.tumblr.com