Parent Skins


Parent Skins is a participatory photo performance series about parenting, self identity and postpartum depression. Participants of the project are invited to capture photos or video of themselves wearing a “parent skin” bodysuit in their everyday parenting environment. There is no limit to what they can or can’t do with the bodysuit, as long as it relates in some way to their role as caregivers. In addition to the photographs, they are also asked to include any written details, such as their emotional state at the time, or what took place in the moment. A parent for this project is described as someone who has living children, someone who is trying to conceive, and someone whose children were lost too soon

Parent Skins is accessible in that the “art studio” becomes the living room, kitchen, bedroom, neighborhood, grocery store, play group… wherever the participant is willing to throw on a bodysuit and start capturing the moment. The bodysuits themselves offer a humorous twist on the daily grind of parental life while masking the true identity of the participant. Humor has always been an avenue for me to speak about deeper issues through my work, and this project reflects that.