The OOO & the AAA

When a rocket ship unexpectedly appears in her living room, Princess Minecraft and her Kitty set off for outer space, in search of new friends and adventures.

A short film based on stories generated by a group of 3rd graders at Bennett Elementary School in Southwest Detroit. Developed over the course of four months, the final video was premiered in the school auditorium.

Generously funded through the Michele Schara Artist & Designer In Residency Program at the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art & Design. June 2016.

Video Excerpt:

3rd grader storyboards:

Directed and performed by: Emilia White
Edited by: Sharad Patel, UFO Club Creative LLC
Music and Sound Design by: Frank Pahl
Videography by: Jacques Mersereau
Lighting design by: Jeff Alder

Sharks, Dragon, and OOO/AAA characters designed by: Sudandyo Aprilianto
Cat puppet designed by: Emilia White
Rocket ship designed by: Trevor Stone
Background design by: Emilia White
Fight choreography by: Christopher Barbeau, Ring of Steel Action Theater