The Well of Horniness


Written by Holly Hughes
Directed by Emilia Javanica

The nature of this project’s diverse cast, consisting of students from a variety of majors at the University, highlighted Emilia’s adaptive and nurturing directorial style. Her unique artistic approach allowed room for individual artistic expression while her caring and commanding leadership proved effective in creating one cohesive vision from many voices.
-Brian Garcia, Interarts Performance Student

Emilia has a unique approach to directing in that she is very interested in generating camaraderie amongst the cast through movement and improvisational activities. We spent a lot of time switching roles and learning about how to play off of each other’s decisions on stage. These experiences helped to create a true sense of cohesiveness throughout the cast that made performing together literally “play.”
-Carisa Bledsoe, Interarts Performance Student

Performed by the B.F.A. Interarts Performance students from the University of Michigan Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design:
Carisa Bledsoe
Julia Chesbrough
Cluade Christensen-Diehl
Willie Filikowski
Chris Ford
Brian Garcia
Emma Gebhard
Eliana Gershon
Nikki Horowitz
Samuel Oliver
Paige Rutkowski
Corey Smith
Nola Smith
Katy Telfer
Alex Madda

Rehearsals took place from January-May, 2013. The play was performed in March 2013 at the University of Michigan, and in May 2013 at Dixon Place and the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies (CLAGS) in NYC.